Vehicle Storage | Sycamore IL

64 Self Store offers storage and parking for a wide variety of vehicles including cars, boats, motorcycles, trailers, ATVs, and more. You have the option of choosing indoor storage with enclosed storage units to keep your vehicle out of the elements.

Boat Storage

Boats are great to have, but come with their own storage challenges. We can accommodate most sizes and types of boats, whether they be runabouts, pontoons, cabin cruisers or even TALL wakeboard boats. Be sure to measure the length, width and height of your boat including the trailer prior to your selection of a storage space. We want it to fit!

Tips for Boat Storage

  • Give the boat a good cleaning prior to storing it. This means cleaning off barnacles and gunk from hull and props.

  • Support the hull using jack stands and blocks, a custom cradle, or your own trailer to properly support the boat while stored. This keeps the integrity of the hull shape. If you are using a trailer, think about using jack stands under the axles to remove load on the tires and bearings.

  • Cover tires to protect them from ultraviolet rays.

  • Tarp the boat with a mold-resistant fabric to protect it from staining.

  • Fill your fuel tank completely to reduce the chance of condensation build-up. Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank to stabilize both the tank and engine.

  • Change the oil and replace filters as well as flushing the coolant system and adding antifreeze.

  • Use fogging oil on the engine. Over several months of non-use, oil and lubricants drain away from engine parts. Spraying fogging oil forms a thin film on these components, which lasts for several months.

  • Remove the battery and all electronic equipment and store in a warm, dry place.

Car Storage

If you are into car collecting, or if you just need a good, safe place to store your car while you’re away, an enclosed storage space ensures that it will be protected from the elements, while still allowing you to take it out for a spin when you want to. Our drive-up enclosed storage units range in size to accommodate most any vehicle. You can also rent an outdoor storage spot for your car.

As with storing an RV or boat, properly storing a car for a length of time requires a few preventative maintenance steps to ensure the longevity of the vehicle. Car Storage Tips:

  • Give the car a good cleaning. Cleaning off dirt and grime inside and out will extend the life of the vehicle. Take the extra step of waxing the exterior to protect it further.

  • Cover the car with a weatherproof car cover. Even if you’re storing the car inside, a cover will protect the car from dust.

  • Change the oil and top off the tank. Used oil has contaminants that can damage the engine if left for a long period of time. Just as with boats, topping off the gas tank will reduce the chance of condensation entering the gas tank. It will also help keep the seals from drying out. Consider adding a fuel stabilizer as well.

  • Disconnect the battery if you’re not going to be using the car for a length of time. Or, if you can, start the car every couple of weeks to recharge the battery and re-lubricate engine components.

Motorcycle Storage, ATV Storage

The great thing about motorcycles (besides how fun they are) is their size. They’re small enough to fit in even a 5 x 5 storage unit. And storing a motorcycle in a storage facility near your home allows you to go for a ride when you want to, yet keep it safe when not in use.

Motorcycle Storage Tips

  • Lube and adjust the motorcycle’s chain. This will keep it pliable and rust-free.

  • If your motorcycle has a center stand, it is recommended to use this to take weight off the wheels and suspension. You may also want to invest in a cycle stand that raises the wheels off the ground.

  • Consider removing spark plugs and filling each cylinder with a teaspoon of oil. Then rotate the engine a foot times to prevent rusting.